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Time for a change!


What is ASABOOST 2.5? 
B.O.O.S.T stands for Business Opportunity Operating Support & Training System. As ASA grows so will ASABOOST. 2.5 is a very significant change to ASA Online. For years we have worked to provide an environment for ALL to grow and prosper and that will never change. However going forward ASA Online will focus on those individuals who are truly ready to take their businesses to the next level. Our training is second to none and now our system will reflect that as well.

Going forward the ONLY FREE part of ASA will be ASA Network. We will now have a $22.95 Member\Customer level and a $49.95 Partner business level. The Member\Customer level will have access to all the great training and support but NO access to the Referral Plan and NO access to making money with ASA. The $49.95 Partner level will have FULL access to the ASA System and Referral Plan.

The cut off to be grandfathered into the new system is MIDNIGHT on the 31st of August 2013!ANYONE who upgrades any time BEFORE the 31st will be automatically elevated to the next highest position within ASA. This applies to ALL Ranks and ALL Levels to include the Life Time Partnerships.

If you are already a Paying Member you will AUTOMATICALLY be upgraded to the next highest level without paying that amount.

If you are currently a FREE Member your position in ASA Online will be converted to an ASA Network Membership or just removed from ASA Online all together. After the 1st of Sept 2013, as a FREE Member, you will NOT have ANY access to ASA Online systems ONLY ASA Network. 

QUESTION: When does $22.95 = $49.95? ANSWER: When you upgrade in ASA Online to $22.95 BEFORE the 31st of Aug 2013!

QUESTION: When does $49.95 = SILVER? ANSWER: When you upgrade in ASA Online to $49.95 BEFORE the 31st of Aug 2013!

QUESTION: When does PAID = FOUNDER? ANSWER: When you upgrade in ASA Online to $22.95 or $49.95 BEFORE the 31st of Aug 2013!

QUESTION: When does ANY RANK = The Next Highest Rank? ANSWER: When you upgrade in ASA Online BEFORE the 31st of Aug 2013!


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Andreas Wenske, ASA Online & ASA Network, Silver Partner & ASA Founder, ASA Talent Scout, Skype: andreasicke

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