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Job: What would you have said if Bill Gates had invited you?

What would you have said if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs at the end of the ’70s had offered you to become part of their respective companies?




What would you have said if Larry Page had offered you at the end of the ’90s to take part in the Google Project or if Mark Zuckerberg had involved you in the development of Facebook

Would you have accepted?

Or would you have thought that they were only  just a few crazy visionaries and without giving it any consideration?

Can you imagine what your life would be like today if you had then decided to take part in one of these big projects?

In 1999 Bonnie Brown accepted a part-time job as a masseur at a start-up in California named Google. Her job was to give relief to the backs and necks of programmers and engineers who spent their days in front of the computer.


Back then she was hired for 450 dollars a week plus a stock option on the company.



Five years later Bonnie had millions of dollars in her bank account and now the massages are done at her garden house in Nevada.

Surely these opportunities don’t happen to everyone but sometimes, without even knowing it, luck has it that someone may offer you an opportunity that goes far beyond your expectations!

What happens is this;

Unfortunately, in the most of cases you’re too distracted, discouraged and indifferent to this opportunity, and so you don’t even realize that your chance has in fact arrived. All you have to do is sieze it!

So, if you really want to take part in the Smalfiland Project and earn yourself a „meritocratic Income“. Don’t waste any time Subscribe now and activate your WOS …




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