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Why do you hear so much about Smalfiland?

We are in the era of social networks, but few realize what this means for all of humanity. Its enormous utility as a tool of communication has opened horizons that are still not yet conceivable and visible by everyone .



smalfiland-il-sn-che-ti-pagaMany friends are asking me what Smalfiland is, thus, with pleasure I explain in this article …

Smalfiland is a new Social Network, similar at many other social networks but with an ‘extra something’ that makes the difference … you are paid just for signing up.

No other Social Network gives you this opportunity or at least I know of none as yet.

The beauty is that, similar at other social networks, membership is totally FREE and without any obligation / commitment, but you sign up or join only through invitation and you will soon understand why …


In practice, we are building a social network of our own …


Smalfiland is a social network made and sponsored by people, where the ultimate goal is to meritocratically divide the profits that Smalfiland will generate from advertising and other projects under development.

Facebook, for an example, earns billions of dollars each year just from the advertising that you always see at the right of your profile page and this is possible because:

        +YOU are signed up!

        +YOU have left/written YOUR information!

        +YOU will regularly use it, revealing your tastes, your passions,

           your desires, and so on …

        +YOU do the „number“ … and I stop here because the message is

           obviously more complex.

Now, don’t believe you are just a „passive“ user or maybe an “active” user but not for THEM. The fact is, that you REALLY ARE an ACTIVE user, the convenient kind, the kind that represents their only gold mine by utilizing your presence, but what’s more is … you arent recognized for anything! You earn nothing!


in Smalfiland we reverse this „little game“


pubblicitaonlineBy signing up on Smalfiland you actually become an ACTIVE user because a percentage of this income goes to you too for the simple fact that you left your personal details just as you did on Facebook.

Your percentage may be large or small, it just depends only how many people you have in your Social contacts… the rest the Robowos automatically publishes articles like this for you by growing your team endlessly…..

Smalfiland already has over 5,000,000 (FIVE MILLION) contacts shared among all members, a number that is growing exponentially.

In practice, we are combining our contacts to become the most powerful online advertising machine on the earth planet so ALL TOGETHER we may benefit from profits that this is generating and will go on to generate.


We will have more and more contacts and we will be stronger on the market.



What we and also most of Facebook users or other Social network users don’t understand is that your contacts can be a gold mine and instead this they haveunderstood very well …

So the choice is yours … „It is your last chance. If you refuse, you may not get another one.”

choose the BLUE pill,

the end of story: tomorrow you’ll wake up in your room andpillolaazzurrarossa go back to your life to „waste“ time on Facebook, remaining a faithful passive user and you will contribute to enrich other people at your expense;


choose the RED pill, sign up onto Smalfiland (at zero cost)  and enter Wonderland and you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole is. We’re offering only the truth, remember. Nothing more. „

If you genuinely want to be part of the Smalfiland Project and earn yourself a „meritocratic Income“ subscribe and activate your free WOS …



          Un caro saluto

                Andreas Wenske

Skype: andreasicke


Job: What would you have said if Bill Gates had invited you?

What would you have said if Bill Gates or Steve Jobs at the end of the ’70s had offered you to become part of their respective companies?




What would you have said if Larry Page had offered you at the end of the ’90s to take part in the Google Project or if Mark Zuckerberg had involved you in the development of Facebook

Would you have accepted?

Or would you have thought that they were only  just a few crazy visionaries and without giving it any consideration?

Can you imagine what your life would be like today if you had then decided to take part in one of these big projects?

In 1999 Bonnie Brown accepted a part-time job as a masseur at a start-up in California named Google. Her job was to give relief to the backs and necks of programmers and engineers who spent their days in front of the computer.


Back then she was hired for 450 dollars a week plus a stock option on the company.



Five years later Bonnie had millions of dollars in her bank account and now the massages are done at her garden house in Nevada.

Surely these opportunities don’t happen to everyone but sometimes, without even knowing it, luck has it that someone may offer you an opportunity that goes far beyond your expectations!

What happens is this;

Unfortunately, in the most of cases you’re too distracted, discouraged and indifferent to this opportunity, and so you don’t even realize that your chance has in fact arrived. All you have to do is sieze it!

So, if you really want to take part in the Smalfiland Project and earn yourself a „meritocratic Income“. Don’t waste any time Subscribe now and activate your WOS …




Un caro saluto
Andreas Wenske
Skype: andreasicke

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