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Tipps zum Ebook Verkauf

Quelle: Tipps zum Ebook Verkauf


Getting in Position for 2015!

Getting in Position for 2015!
The first quarter of a year is over, here is the tip for the next 3/4 Year!!
The average person is waiting for 2015 and thinking about their New Year’s Resolution that will move their personal lives and their businesses forward. First if you are an entrepreneur you are not average. The above average person has been working the last couple of months building the momentum that they know will blow their business out of the water in 2015. If you missed that memo then you can start now in the next week or so and put the steps together that you know will build your business and start repeating those actions now. By the end of the first quarter you to will be having the success you desire. Better late than never.
I am re-reading the 21 irrefutable laws of Highly Effective Network Marketers and I thought it would be appropriate to expand on them and talk about its application.
21 Irrefutable Laws of Highly Effective Network Marketers! TM
by Casper Stockham CEO and Founder of ASA
Law Number 2
You have a product or service that is in demand – Sell something that serves the masses and you will live with the classes. Whatever you sell needs to be something that a LOT of people would want to buy. It needs to be something that they would buy even without you trying to selling it to them. Your product or service needs to solve a problem.
This is a law that helps when you are looking for, creating or building a bigger business. The product or service has to fit the law of supply and demand or you will be out of business before you really get started. This idea is good because it is about the needs of your target market not your own. Finding out what is needed and make sure that lots of them need it and will buy it. Keep in mind that just because you believe they need it does not mean that they believe they need it. Then the other questions is, will they and can they afford to spend the money you are asking for it? If someone wants something bad enough they will spend the money to get it, they will find a way as long as the value and the cost are in sync or the value exceeds the cost.
 Make the product or service attractive and very valuable.
I recently was introduced to a product that I wanted, it was very expensive, and so I tried on many occasions to talk myself out of purchasing it. But in the end I knew that I didn’t just want it, I needed it for health reasons and had to have it. Then my brain went in to creative mode to figure how I was going to afford it without a massive debt hanging over my head.  I figured it out and now I have it. This device solved a current medical problem and helps prevent future medical issues prevalent in our culture today.
It is not about selling it is about sharing something of value to those in need of that service or product. Contrary to the old networking philosophy it is not needed by everyone on the planet (just saying).
I will end with this Jim Rohn Quote: Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.
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Andreas Wenske
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ASA Media

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Best Greetings
Andreas Wenske

21 irrefutable Laws of Highly Effektive Network Marketers!

Eine Bewegung deren Zeit gekommen ist.

Eine Bewegung deren Zeit gekommen ist.

Here you find some examples

These shall take the absolute truth
You are in business for yourself – You can make a LOT of money
in a great job but until you are truly working for yourself you are
building someone else’s dream. Find something you love to do and
turn it into a business. Make something, Find something, Repair
something, Clean something then go out and sell something.
Reinvest a portion of the sale and repeat the process.
You have a product or service that is in demand – Sell
something that serves the masses and you will live with the classes.
Whatever you sell needs to be something that a LOT of people
would want to buy. It needs to be something that they would buy
even without you trying to selling it to them. Your product or
service needs to solve a problem.
You are knowledgeable and confident and confidence comes
with knowledge– Above all things get knowledge and wisdom.
Become a student of your Industry, Product and/or Service. No one
should know more about your product or service than you over
time. Spend time each day learning about your craft. Highly
effective network marketers are readers.
You reward those who do the work – Team work makes the
dream work. You cannot get there alone so make sure you
recognize the people on your team. Congratulate them often for the
great things they do. Hand out praise like candy. Be VERY slow to
You take advantage of financial opportunities – Never shy
away from good solid financial opportunities. Leverage your time
and money.
You know what you want – Have a definite PLAN OF ACTION.
Write it down and put it into action. A bad plan carried out with
massive action is better than no plan at all. At least with a bad plan
you can make mid-course corrections.
You associate with the right people – You are who you hang
around so choose those people carefully. Look for people who are at
or headed to where you want to be and work to get around them.
Find a mentor and shadow them. BUT not to close, remember they
are only human and have faults of their own
You live life with passion – Do what you love and you will never
work another day in your life. Wake up each day and work to get
something from the day not just get through the day. Spend time
thinking about your future and where you want to be. Speed up
your walk and talk by a few clicks!
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Yours sincerely
Andreas Wenske
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